Switalskis Family Mediation

What is mediation?

When relationships break down there needs to be a resolution. While courts have traditionally been used in these circumstances, this route can be adversarial and is often very costly. Mediation offers an alternative way forward. It is usually cheaper, quicker and, we like to think, more effective at resolving relationship breakdown.

It is now necessary to try mediation before any legal aid funding can be given. Mediation is not for everyone but, with our experienced team and careful approach, it is often a highly successful form of conflict resolution. We are skilled in bringing out the issues and mediating between the parties with a focus on an end result that will satisfy everyone involved.

Mediation is available at all seven Switalskis offices. We will meet with both clients separately, first to explain all about mediation and the process and then to assess whether it will work in these circumstances. If it is suitable, and both clients are willing, we will then meet jointly. On average clients usually need between two and three sessions to resolve issues, but we do tailor sessions to the needs of each case.